Friday, 20 November 2009

Those three words are never enough

It has been quite some time from my last relationship. Something I reckon that love has nothing to do with time and distance but passion.

A guy could love me and flew miles away to get me. There was no hesitation, didnt matter of money. Comitments were made. However the relationship had last for 2 months.

A guy would think about me always from miles away. There is no regular contact, no commitment between but we are both connecting from deep bottom of hearts. Havn't been seeing each other for more half a year. However we wait... waiting to get a chance to see each other.

That maybe silly u'd say. I don't want to pick anyone/ whoever like I did when I was young. When you are truly in love with someone, even time changes, busying with your own life, you just wouldn't get over him/her.

All we could do is to be passionate and patient to work out what we want, treasure what we have. Don't blame on time or distance. And of course love only works on both side!

2 days of Autumn then it has came to winter

Friday, 6 November 2009


Backpack will be returned!

I have just bought 2 new backpacks. This is not a big trend yet but I m sure it will be one. Designers brand had carried out serveral types of rackpack from snake skin to brief case which gives us many more choice apart from the 80s-90s mini leather one. Hopefully there are more coming soon. This is real good for our shoulders. lol


Louis Vuitton



Mandarina Duck in 'Mr Wonderful' in_1992

Rihanna in Gucci's Darwin and Fashion blogger Rumi in Alexander Wang

LOL..Sponge Bob square pants backpack. This might be another option for you! (Her lace and goth outfit was very on trend that you may have already following her!)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The sweet girls at Vogue Party

We're young, over-sexed and completely f*cked - The Doom generation

The Doom generation (1995) directed by Gregg Araki

This is such a gross, hilarious, horny movie. Nothing to say about the plot. It is all about youth, Sex, Violence.

I love the style of Amy Blue ( Act by Rose Mcgowan, sexy as her act in the Planet Terror) .
The 90's grunge must have - LBD, Ripped tights, over size Leather jacket, Dr. Martens, rayban wayfarers

This belt is awesome!! haa

I personally think this is the funniest scense of the movie. lol

Thursday, 1 October 2009

哪有國慶 ; 只有國殤!


國慶不是普國同慶, 卻是共產黨的"自我感覺良好". 封鎖大街, 由解放軍充當觀眾, 貽笑大方!!

60年國慶, 香港人本無意識, 只得香港政府大大力連月宣傳. 我們才'有幸見識'. 雖然所見真正愛國和自豪作為中國人的香港人寥寥無幾.

可是香港唯命侍從的政府對香港人共產主義教育良好. 我們開始失去反抗聲音, 支持所謂的'和諧', 經濟利益至上, 即使受惠的只有大官大商.

愛民族的心, 因中國獨權政黨變得有心無力, 更甚者, 國慶月裏倍感心酸.


看閱兵儀式, 坦克軍隊煞氣騰騰, 國家政要高昂站在天安門上, 有感地上盡是人民血汗屍骸.
演練之境令人聯想當年六四民運. 盛大的慶典背後, 人民失去尊嚴和自由並跪地接受壓迫及傷害.

共產黨從不在乎面子, 也不羞恥.

哪有國慶 ; 只有國殤!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Cuddle Fuddle

Ooo there was the night we
Kissed in the moonlight
It was romantic
But didn't feel so right
Cause something was lost then
Today its replenished
But it was you who cleaned up my messes

And ohh
Oh my god just please don't ever let me go
Yeah sometimes we're high and sometimes we're low
Put up with me then I'll make you see
That things are better when you're with me

Let down your hair
Let down your hair
Rapunzel Rapunzel
Let down your hair

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The day after my birthday, dinner with family

Net Top HKD55
90's Vintage tee shirt
Denim shorts
Ankle boots

Me and my sister Tik on car

Yuen Long

What if everyone loves me but I hate myself

How could I gain back my confidence?
I do hate myself.
Terrible feeling that I couldn't explain and u could never understand.
I wish you are here.
Or I am there.

Hate pets but love animals

love WILD animals only

Vivienne Tam Tiger Sheer top (I wish I could have a tiger as my pet)
Lace leotard underneath
DIY bandage mini skirt

Beetle earing

The Dragon Ring bought by mom and sis as my birthday gift
Love it love it love it

My recent favourite accessorries
Stud, bead, skull, dragon

And I am in love with leopard

I Love it girls in purple and black

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

They dress nicely

This is my recent favourite. Everything is sexy, her hair, the accesories, the lace dress, leopard purse, killer heels. The rounded shades make the whole look supa cool. And no doubt, the tattoo bling!!

I guess I don't have to say much about this cos everyone know how cool is the jumper!

I think would be nice to post this in blog cos I would never wear like this but she managed this look pretty pretty well!

I could dress nicely like them if I got that height and weight. lol

Heart all their items and styles.