Thursday, 16 June 2011

無做作 拿好包包路人變模特 顯氣質

Strike a pose未必是model專利,也是氣質態度的體現。造型除了精美化妝、型格衣服以及配飾外,用上名牌手袋也未必夠氣場,甚至拿手袋的手勢也有講究。


平民要顯性格無做作氣質strike a pose,參考fashion week騷場外拍下的fashion snap shot。
背上Chanel quilted chain bag也有以上至少4款例子
- 側背用手爪着肩帶較有含羞少女感
- 自然側背瀟灑女人味
- 以手肘勾着手挽特別貴氣
- 手自然垂直扼手挽顯率性



Tuesday, 14 June 2011

襪子奮鬥史-白襪配涼鞋 老土當時興 The revolution of socks

記得小學和中學的白襪仔嗎? 那年由於是學生的身份,被與潮流背道而馳的學校和老師打壓,我們可是這在局限内挑戰底線。大象襪未免過火,惟選較鬆身且粗直條的運動襪,學校對襪的長度亦有着無理要求,白襪本已顯腿粗,更殘酷者逼着學生把其拉至及膝,實在不仁! 於是每天進校門前硬把白襪拉得最高,還望襪頭膠水保持黏力,一過訓導的金睛火眼後回復正常。做學生真苦。

I do remember the "hard time" at skool that the teachers always forced us to puull our ugly white socks up to the knee matching with the below knee skool dress. It was defo a disaster! Because the skool is somehow anti-fashion. For those naughty student like me and my frds tried to test the bottomline. Different stule of socks in trend like the japanese style loose drapy socks or the sweater one. But we had never avoid the punishment of not sticking to the skool rules. Damn...


It has been quite out-dated to wear white socks all over the 00's. The mainland ladies' look was classic. They wear low den nude colour ankle stockings with sandals. But today that's no longer be tacky or granny style. Let's see the example below.

別看輕這小小的襪子,它對我的人生有着不同的意義外,時裝上的用處亦非同小可。年前多alexander wang經已在台上譲model穿上白襪,於是筆者有樣學樣,卻被吐糟,可見當年不成氣候,白襪者尤其遭白眼。

Alexander Wang has already had the style with white socks and sandals. I did try the look before. However it hasn't yet been accepted at that time. I somehow got discriminated...LOL

2011 resort 他又捲土重來,還有更多品牌紛紛追隨,如 Prada ,Dries Van Noten ,Burberry,白色的花的圖案的襪子們終于抬頭,襯涼鞋絕對不是老土怪。這夏季衣服百花齊放,花花幾何顔色統統有型,帶挈配飾也無懼過份花巧,襪子亦然。

2011 resort A.W do it again and not just him! As well as Prada, Dries Van Noten ,Burberry. All kinda style works! Like plain pure or patterns or colours. This has been cool with a vintage touch. We love every colours and print this season on every single items and socks has been on trend too.

夏天涼鞋裏穿上襪子太熱嗎? 你穿密頭鞋時也一樣,選擇短襪或薄身的吧。然而我們這兒不談功能性,只管fashion不fashion。- strangejoanne

You may say it's too hot to put on socks. But I'd say we do still feeling the same in either oxford shoes, pumps, ankle boots in summer! Style and look are way more important! - strangejoanne


Though this is on trend., there still DON'T.

MIA的白色sweat socks配大媽拖鞋很師奶。
MIA did a bad demonstration of wearing sweat socks with granny slippers.

還有顔色的配搭可多參考runway上的colour palette,以上的不堪入目。

The example above is horrible! DON'T pull the socks straight up that would look silly. As well as the colours can be inpired from the runway collection colour palette.