Monday, 24 August 2009

The Poor Little Rich girl (1965) ; the Factory girl (2006)

This has been one of my favourite movie. Thanks for heilie's recommendation. You knew I would like it.

Altho the 80's trend revoluted my mind. If you have known me, I used to be a 60's lover, I am, still.

The movie "the factory girl", about the 60's it girl, Edie Sedgwick. Her life changed from a adorable sweet girl to a star and then a drug addictor. Also the relationship between her and Andy warhol were sad. Somehow this is the predicted ending of attaching to an artist, especilly someone like Warhol. Artist have some kind of charm. They sometimes hide their feeling and only expressing through their art, like Warhol enjoyed shooting movies of Edie. That's why the love is never enough for the one they love and love them. How sad is it!

Andy and Edie

Below's the movie of Edie's life at her apartment shooting by Andy warhol , "Poor Little rich girl". It was quite blurry because of the camera len.

I sadly think I am sort of in the similar lifestyle like the poor rich girl apart from I am not rich and not a drug addictor. lol

Artists and Rock stars are both charming. Edie had been in love with Bob dylan. He was so cool and romantic. But he was like other men of being not serious and took the relationship as a fling. Even though girls love bad guy. lol Why guys just can't be more reliable?

Bob Dylan. How could edie not fall in love with him? He is too cool!

Sienna and Hayden in costume of the factory girl

Hayden Christensen was hot in the movie. I dig the look of 60's rocker, as well as the rolling stone, the beatles.
Sienna miller is a typical beauty but she wasn't good enough to act in Edie's role because she is too feminine and over age.


JOYCE Fall-Winter 09/10 Trends

Well. For 2009/10 trend is a bit late. But it's the right time for HK.

P.S. I really like the background music which has been on my recent playlist - the gossip 's heavy cross

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The horror girls

My favourite theme of topshop AW2oo9

All key pieces are my target altho we haven't got topshop in HK.
But I know, I am sure I can make it!
And gonna be a much cheaper version!