Thursday, 11 August 2011

How to get the best service and take photo in stores?

This is such a non-stylish pic innit? But it's is defo an experiment I'd say. Here's the story behind.

Yesterday i went to shop and look up for the 2012 handbags for research. So, obviously, u can tell which store it is by the interior and display.

I walked in.Then a sales associate approached me and asked what i was looking for  IN ENGLISH. It always happens when shopping in those designer labels. They either speak Mandarin or english to you. So it's weird to tell,'I speak canton'.

 I told a lie that I wanna have a bag for my frd. She has no time to shop and thats why I requested for a catalogue.The service was unexpectedly GOOD that she let me to take a picture of their bags because they don't have any but only a PDF showing on Ipad!! I took even in details of the zipper, closure, linging...etc.
I wonder is that because I speak english that's why it allows to take photo? Even the shop manager was there. He didn't say any thing! They gave me a name card as well.

Conclution!! Do speak English when you shop! You'll be surprised at the perfect service! LOL

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Monday, 8 August 2011

暴晒羅馬古城 Sun Burn Roma