Friday, 20 November 2009

Those three words are never enough

It has been quite some time from my last relationship. Something I reckon that love has nothing to do with time and distance but passion.

A guy could love me and flew miles away to get me. There was no hesitation, didnt matter of money. Comitments were made. However the relationship had last for 2 months.

A guy would think about me always from miles away. There is no regular contact, no commitment between but we are both connecting from deep bottom of hearts. Havn't been seeing each other for more half a year. However we wait... waiting to get a chance to see each other.

That maybe silly u'd say. I don't want to pick anyone/ whoever like I did when I was young. When you are truly in love with someone, even time changes, busying with your own life, you just wouldn't get over him/her.

All we could do is to be passionate and patient to work out what we want, treasure what we have. Don't blame on time or distance. And of course love only works on both side!

2 days of Autumn then it has came to winter