Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Spring choice of designer's collection - Zoe Twitt

We have already looking forward to the Spring 2011 even winter has just arrived Hong Kong (it's a bit late), getting colder to prepare for the Christmas, altho there's never snow in HK. I have accidently get known the brand Zoe twitt which I reckon that may be a hopeful spring style approach.

I look at the lookbook which is very much like a fairy tale or a sweet dream. The organza usage is like the dragonfly in the spring or little fairy living around our world. The pastel colour is soft and heart touching. Jersey in silky touch is well used in the garment which gives the collection more wearable and easy breezy.

The proportion of the items on body is a point to be focused which is always the theory of how I style myself. Zoe keeps the long X the short. It never make you look short but stylish. The organze layering created a volumn in order to sexy and cool enough showing off your skin, long legs and narrow waist, at the same time sweet and lovely.

My favourite part of Zoe Twitt collection is not the ready to wear but her jewellery collection. It is totally natural and dreamy! Crystal is used on spritual energy supply. Girls would love the pink one which representing LOVE. Who doesn't want love isn'it? Zoe's jewellery is not just pinky girly crytalized. it is a mixture of wish of love and tough strong metal element. You can imagine how they are matching with her clothes that will never be just an innocent 8 years old girl but a adorable lady who is stylish with her own philosophy of life.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

‘T’ Shirts by Masashi Kawamura

The brilliant design idea designed by Masashi Kawamura! Typography as tee shirt and using the letter T. How can you imagine when you put on a letter shape of garment will be. Literally you can still see the form of a T even it is put on a body. The drape and the form turn out really well. So what's the next character would work out? Looking forward to see a whole collection of A, B, C, D, E...

A fashion colloar to protect your hair and your own self


Travel the world by a ring

The collection designed by Philippe Tournaire inspired from different cities of architecture. I think I can have the world on fingers dreaming and imaginating I am in either one place, having sight seeing with my lover. Just too romantic! :3

Monday, 18 October 2010

炎夏餘溫 wrangler high summer lookbook

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wrangler high summer 2010

Although the high summer has just passed, we still obcessing with hot fresh relaxing looks. Wrangler's new lookbook has the vintage and sexy denim.despite they are more clean and cool than Miss sixty who does the same.

I have no idea if the model giving the mood of spanish which is very casual romantic.

WRANGLER的一系列造型照有懷舊風,亦不乏性感。 又是牛仔,卻比MISSSIXTY簡潔利落。是否受模特兒的影響,此一連串都盡見西班牙式瀟灑浪漫感覺。

Friday, 15 October 2010

G2000國際化 Lily Donaldson for G2000 Fall 2010 Campaign

G2000 spent money to get Lily Donaldson for this Fall campaign. I would say its level has been upgraded like high end brands. Possibly because of the admiration of the west. Would be better to say this is from what we learn since young about globalization which is a way of towarding succeed. For sure this would help their brand exposture.

Although the collection isn't special. Its preppy style is easy enough for the crowd. look forward to its sales proving how Lily would help.

大花金錢請來國際模特兒Lily Donaldson,G2000本地品牌格調即時升級。的確崇洋心態作祟,可是從小學習國際化是成功的方向。筆者覺得此其著有助增加品牌知名度,可見崇洋有理。


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Furniture refurbished- Awaiting daddy's price quote

Katie Thompson created a of recycled furniture last year called Recreate. She is a
South African interior/furniture designer. the collection is just right fit to my taste/ Modern and vintage mixture.

Original Article: http://trendland.net/2010/10/04/katie-thompsons-recycled-furniture/?utm_source=TrendLand+List&utm_campaign=a168d8780a-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email#ixzz11SYoqLA1

i wish I live - Awaiting daddy's price quote

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