Friday, 25 March 2011

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我將開始於backztage 揮揮鍵盤,報告下時裝飾物潮流資訊。
請賜教!xx Strangejaonne

Thanks for all offering opportunities!
I will start write up for fashion news in Backztage .
Peep, pls go thru the site often and check out the most updated news of lifestyle.
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Monday, 21 March 2011

要買平貨除了知窿路還先要學搭配 Get known the trend before sucessful thrifting

星期一早上與朋友討論blogger路線問題。於是來一個review,究竟pauperish strangejoanne該何去何從呢?


還有另一方面就是runway與現實的不一樣。我們路人眼看T台衣服多美,卻有遙不可及之感,自始離high fashion遠也。以前筆者也有同感,加上價格根本不是打工仔所能負擔,那就是意味high fashion更加與我無關。其實不然。

潮流怎樣來,還不是從high end到high street然後到street嗎?要先掌扼high end趨勢,到highstreet有售,街上人手一件就是潮流。可是highstreet新貨不便宜(對我來説,因為未穿底價),於是以下pauperish trendsetter血路是這樣殺出來的。

在這 "從high end到high street然後到street" 的程式中加入 "根據high end trend,從二手或過氣/季的單品入手"。二手或過氣/季的單品必定廉價,但其實也不乏新季元素,因爲fashion總是一個個大小週期循環。當然不同之處還是有的,負面來説就是old cutting,但我自己覺得不是只因孤寒,而是這樣的好處是比買當季市面上的潮流貨更有特色,更具個性。至少不會被一眼看出是H&M,又或跟同事朋友撞衫。而且不用成爲街上複製出來的潮人,因爲你穿的根本不一樣。

而且我們追求的是multi-use &multi-way!這個很重要。物品的多用性是最爲划算的。與衆一式一樣的style除了因爲單品相同外,還有穿着方法一成不變。你看那個穿衞衣低檔尿布褲加襪子配MBT涼鞋,leggings外短褲你也一絲不苟拼出一個餅印。哪有自己風格可言呢? 你的leggings多貴也不外如是。

所以回歸主題,筆者認爲pauperish strangejoanne將以介紹如何搭配爲主線,點題潮流重點特色,再加上如何用單品搭配整體造型。或是發掘單一產品的多用性。一來省錢,二來創意有個性,這比介紹消費品更另人亢奮吧。 - strangejoanne

The SS11 DKNY multi way scarf

I have been discussing about the way to be a blogger without doing the same as the other on monday morning with my frd. What is the role of pauperish strangejoanne?

I wanted to shoot my new brought cheap items for sharing in my blog. However I realise how normal are the items are even I picked them and visual how they would be great to mix & match. They seem to be just simple and plain. I'd say thrifting is not just about effort and taste. You actually need to know the way to mix and match. There are instantly matched up outfit for consumer on highstreet. Consumers can effortlessly pick the style they like. And the second hand or vintage haven't been modernized or they are unfitted. It leads the phenonmenon of hardly find the cheap items. But once you know how to mix and match with them, whatever thrifted goods would help to style you up.

Also the runway trend is known as unpractical. Even we see how beautiful is the runway, we just cant reach. So we have nothing to do with high end. I felt the same before  because runway pieces are not affordable. But it's not true.

Where's the trend ome from? From high end to high street to the street. The high end is the trend, high street would follow and everyone will be wearing the thing. However the price of high street new season product ain't cheap (not as budget as I expect). That's why we can figure out a way below to against this.

How so? Let's add 'understand high end trend and pick second hand/passed season items' between the formula of 'From high end to high street to the street'. No doubt the second hand/passed season items are cheap and within budget. But they can be with on trend element as fashion is always a cycle. Even tho they are not exactly the same as the high street items, such as the cutting, I don't think it's just because of being tight to thrift because the thrift is more unique than the highstreet products. Then you can be a trend setter rather than having the same H&M dress with your colleagues and frds. Then you can stand out from the crowd but not being awkward and still trendy enough.

Moreover, the multi- usage of products is extremely important too which save a lot your money. Everyone looking the same is because of wearing the same items and the way people make use of the item without difference. You can see someone copys the other's look exactly the same way for example the jumper, the low slotch pants like nappy with socks and MBT fugly sandals. Or the leggings pair with shorts are horrible evn they are expensive.

So back to the point, pauperish strangejoanne is going to write up how to mix and match based on the fashion trend characteristic by making use of items and pieces. To explore the usage of one single item. That will for sure saving money  and more innovation on style which is more exciting than just introducing new product. - strangejoanne