Saturday, 27 August 2011

Make fun of myself

麻甩直男請檢討 同志們比你更好


我身邊不乏會員朋友,可能比直的還多。有些直男特別抗拒homosexual,我覺得這是膽子自信及Open mind與否的問題。Gay gay們勇於承認自己,保持開放的態度,自我型像亦抱要求。然而,不是説同志就是人妖風塵味,我的這些好友穿得既有男人味,同時fashion的很。

所以麻甩佬要是諸多批評別人乸型時,你的衣衫襤紐沒品味,手指甲髒髒有黑邊,咀唇還在脫皮的,請自我檢討一下,你至少在外觀上,沒有比別人用心照顧好。 - strangejoanne

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

That Snap on Ketchup@Face Magazine

Thanks for those who informed me about this.

P.S. Why it stated I m '2X' years old like I refused to disclose my age cos I am actually 35. Although I look mature...I am happy to tell I am 24 going to be 25!!

從60's眼妝演變到AW2011的蒼蠅腳 蜘蛛大眼 The 60's eye make up to AW2011 like flies' legs or spider

Beauty trend of

 承接前blog post的60's回歸,妝容又豈能固步自封?



From my last blog about the return of 60's mod, here comes the make up trend!

We are looking up for natural with volumn. also clear and tidy lashes. The make up tutorials teach us to brush out the lashes by mascara. Try to avoid them sticking together like flies' legs. But it's not easy! I do always make it a mess whicch hardly brushed and spread nicely.

But this season, the thick masara brushed lashes is a must! I am glad to know this because of my poor make up skill. It's definitely OK to let your lashes stick together, looking thick and in clear lines. Like the 60's enphasizing the lashes, creating the massive eyes as Twiggy.



我不是非常懂得化妝,如果説用假睫毛,找來下面是我覺得很好的示範。她是Tina一個beauty blogger. 她在一文仲就介紹了塑造Twiggy大眼的眼妝和配合的假睫毛用法,大家可以到她的blog去學習。

Of course it won't be really like the legs of flies. You have to fix them a bit.

Just brush your lash as usual for a single layer. Then use a twister to group the lash 2 to 3 pieces into a small bunch. make them spread like sunflower. After that keep on brushing few layers of mascara. Do the same on lower lash. I suggest to use length extending mascara then the volumn one. They will help to create such an effect.

I am not very good at make up. So the false lashes part would be demonstrated by Tina, the beauty blogger. One of her blogpost had introduced how to do the Tiggy make up and the use of false lashes. You all may take a look and learn from her.

Tina's Twiggy eyes