Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sunday, 16 October 2011

飛毯的時尚驚艷 The fashionable magic carpet ride

I remember when i was in the UK. I used to visit a lot of charity shops. There were selling  vintage carpet or curtain fabric. They were sophisticated and looking so luxury with its hand feel and touch. I like the thickness and warmth in the autumn and winter. Sleek decent curtain and soft fluffy carpet were made of velvet, jacquard, wool or fur. I wondered why they wouldn't be used in garment and handbags.


This season it has come to a trend of using this kinda fabric on many aspect. Maison Martin Margiela is always innovative. They has done a SS collection by the theme of carpet which really surprised us. The saturated colours and the pattern are eye catchy. The collection is so strong and demonstrating a different kind of glamourous.

這季節正好用上了這類料子來做各式單品,Maison Martin Margiela的設計向來多想法,這個春夏直接用了絲絨地毯作主題,帶給我們驚喜的是那飽和度十足的顏色和圖案都非常驚豔,令這另類的系列有着強烈的感染力。

And also the Harper's bazaar UK in November has created an editorial by using collection of carpet made garment. Although they are looking like those toilet mat selling in Harrods somehow, I think it's interesting to have them as garment in my wardrobe.  And surely they are warm enough for the entire freezing winter. It gonna feel like living in the Mongolia tent or flying in the magic carpet.

另外11月的Harper's bazaar UK的編輯裏就展示了一件件的華服,雖像Harrods裏售賣的洗手間地毯似的,可是我就是愛把毛絨絨又可愛的它們加入成爲我的衣櫃一員,也肯定它們會溫暖我的整個寒冬,又可以想像是住在蒙古包裏或是坐在飛氈上。

How to wear carpet alike items?
It is a challenging item to be worn. The thickness will do you a chunky bulky silhouette looking like a bear. From Haper's Bazzar they had demonstrated a fashionable total look by using all these garment. However in the reality we definitely won't be able to be naked inside. I would suggest to match with edgy and sleek cut one piece dress underneath the fluffy coat to look elegant. Or  the feel of hippy and gypsy which I think it would be very stylish to corporate with
 shirts and flare/wide leg jeans or even the maxi clingy skirt.

地毯大衣是一個挑戰性的項目,它的厚重感容易將你變成在街上派傳單跟小朋友拍照的胖大熊。Haper's Bazzar的造型時尚有型,可是我們路人總不能光着身子走在街上。我見議在大衣内穿簡單剪裁的連衣裙,塑造典雅大牌的氣場。或是利用襯衣和牛仔喇叭或闊管褲外披這大衣就可以搭配出嬉皮士或吉普賽風格,另外合身長裙也會是不錯選擇。- strangejoanne

Thursday, 6 October 2011

LAB by Lane Crawford - Symphony of Hong Kong by Marcelo Burlon

I have been asked to do the shooting for the new launch online store of Lane Crawford, LAB. LC has invited the influential Milano creative director Marcelo Burlon to do a series of video as a project.

Thanks for the team hardwork of Marcelo and LC. Party coming up today on Oct 7. Pink and Punk the party will be DJing by Marcelo. We are all excited ab it!

About Lab
We all have known about Lane Crawford the leading fashion store based in Hong Kong. It's style is sophisticated and targeting wide range of customers. The 'Lab by LC' is the new online store with a more modern and creative taste of lifestyle. The magazine format like website will bring you fashion news, on going art/music/culture and selection of latest style with staement pieces.

About Marcelo Burlon

Milan-based art director Marcelo Burlon is a multi-talented genious doing fashion/art/muisc related projects via multi-media. His works are with attitude and style of himself.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

"it's more than a photo but not quite a video" Cinemagraph 瞬間看紐約



Gif不是新興事物,但Jamie Beck與Kevin Burg 從09年開始以靜態攝影配合多格流暢的motion frame製造出電影感的照片。"it's more than a photo but not quite a video" 就正好充份而明確地交代了Cinemagraph是怎樣的一回事。

鏡頭下有紐約市景、時裝週及大人物,如Anna Wintour、Nina Garcia、Coco Rocha,Christian Louboutin 的product shot等。

細細看,悄悄望,真的好有感覺。只是輕輕的movement, 瞬間看紐約。人物的細緻,自然的動態,光影的流動,像是我們Out-focus之間又霎時留意到身旁的細碎事物,

真的好喜歡 Cinemagraph。 - strangejoanne