Thursday, 23 July 2009

I just like the naughty-ness

Suspender is meant to be a functional item.
But it has come to the meaning of sexuality

I believe human are born as evil
This is not shameful because we can still control and make improvement

Why not to put on the suspender cooperating with fashion
Make the naughtyness as inspiration

naughty-ness is adorably bad.

襪帶 本是功能性的
在這世代 她的性感 理所當然地被聯想到不正經

人性雖本惡 但又何需因而感到羞恥
至少我們還能控制天生惡性 作出改善

穿上襪帶 演繹時尚
把骨子裏的不安份 化作創新的靈感

why not?

Source : tfs

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I have tried my best to create outfits in the boiling weather

Mom's unwanted Tiger mandarin style top
Belt from Vintage warehouse bought by Dawn

The many times denim gillet
Vintage night dress

Cropped denim gillet XD
DIY tullip skirt
Jack Purcell Converse

One tee two ways

Vintage fashion inpiring