Sunday, 30 August 2009

The shoppers' behavior

Carolyne Cass from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

This girl has the similar behavior like mine :D

I am a big recycler of my friends' unwanted stuffs. And I am a carboots sale/flea market/vintage store digger. It's becos I am fond of treasure hunt andvintage. Another reason is I am poor but I am a border line shopaholic. I know I will buy designer goods someday but I do still prefer them vintage..

I wish my grand mother did left me something but sadly she didnt. Majority of mom's vintage stuff haven't been kept cos there no enough room (well I mean one more room) to store. But I am very happy about her giving me 2 pairs of Calvin Klein sandals and 2 pairs of stunning cool black boots lately. They are all easy matching and the boots are perfect for the 90's look. Oh! yay! plus those new bought shoes I mentioned, 4 pairs joined my massive shoes crew! Welcome the freshers!

I m now starting to collect accessories pieces. More accurately which are jewelleries, perheps not yet diamond. But something metal, silver. So it gonna be like the girl in the video that she has a jewellery box.

On clothes, I now would mostly spend HKD 5 - 10 for each item in the thrift store at Mong Kok. I pick from vintage clothing to causual plain black tee shirt. I'd more willing to spend on some other more expensive clothes (I mean like under HKD 300 is my limit LOL) which I love it so much and it has to be nicely manufactured, for example the H&M strong shoulder dress I recently bought. I plan to wear it on my birthday Macau trip with my sweetest girls.

And also, I'd rather spend more on nice shoes ( Again! Limit at around HKD 200 I suppose. ) I am lucky that my mom is a shoes addictor however she wont manage to put on killer heels like when she was young unfortunately. So she is willing to buy her daughter shoes. But the condition is the price has to be fair! :)

My room/closet/shoes rack are now defo overloaded. It's like a vintage store. But I am happy with it. ofcos, that would be nicer if I can own a room/walk-in closet. I m sure I will make myself one in the future even I can only have a toilet small bedroom. lol

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