Monday, 17 August 2009

We are Hip Hippies

I do act like hippy sometimes. Sometimes I try to be eco-friendly. Sometimes I chill and relax. Sometimes I like to feel the nature. Hoping to enjoy life.

Why "sometimes"?
Human is developing but ruinning the world at the same time. While we have to improve our life, sequela occur. But we can't go back to the ancient time. This is kind of a paradox.

But still, we should all do something for ourselves. Maybe try to be more natural at some point. You can easily switch off the light when you don't use it.

Hippies is sort of cool spirit and truly down to earth. It's not just about chilling and doing drugs. It implys an utopia which our world has been saved.

我有時候是嬉皮士. 有時候盡可能環保. 有時候慵懶放鬆. 有時候喜歡感受大自然. 希望能享受生活.

為甚麼說"有時候"?人類發展卻又同時摧毀世界. 當我們要改善生活, 後遺症產生. 但卻又不能回到原始. 多矛盾.

但我們仍然要為自己作點好事.隨心而行, 隨手改變世界. 何樂不為?
嬉皮士是一種酷但實際的精神. 不只是慵懶和毒品.它代表烏托邦 - 我們已得救的世界

Victoria's Secret model Angela Lindvall
This girl is supporting and promoting the green awareness.

"I don't label myself a hippie," says Lindvall,"but I'm all about improving our world from both an environmental perspective and by reaching higher realms of consciousness."

Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan
I like their music as well as her style
Khan told The Guardian she's "obsessed with Woodstock and running through the California forests."

Josie Maran
Model and launched an eponymous line of natural cosmetics in 2007
"My philosophy is luxury with a conscience. We don't have to sacrifice style, like a great pair of high heels [or a paraben-free, jojoba oil-packed mascara], to be eco-friendly."

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