Friday, 25 February 2011


LONDON代表house of holland的AW11/12 FASHION FILM別有一番風味。沒有華麗堆砌,沒有大顆明星照亮招牌。只用上型女IT GIRL好友PIXIE及DREE玩RPG,有懷舊美國廣告風格。佻皮3人組合以PARTY心情做主角,帶動觀眾立刻想要穿起色彩繽紛的CROCHET外套和直條短襪,加入整古做怪一番。睡衣PARTY不仿選擇那絲質印花套裝,也能令人想入非非。

HENRYHOLLAND的大膽色彩搭配正有LONDON SWINGING 60's的感覺。筆者喜歡英倫人的個人風格主義,同一樣的單品,各人演繹各有千秋。這是香港人辦不到的,因為我們失去歷史文化,這與創新創意創造力息息相關。要不然,街上潮人不會一式一樣一個LOOK。 -strangejoanne

The LFW has got House of holland. His new AW11/12 fashion film has been very different from all the others. It's nothing glamourous, no hollywood big star or celebrities in the film for the label. But he has found the cool it girl Pixie and Dree to play the roles. Fulfilling with the vintage American advertising style. 3 of them might be having fun like it's their insiders' party. It totally has brought me into the sence and I'd be wearing the colourful crochet coat and the stripe socks. If there's a pajama party, I'd definitely pick the 100%silk set.

Henry Holland has always put vivid colours in his collection inprired from the swinging sixties. I appreciate the individual style of english. They have fantasticly demonstrate the same item in variety of ways that suprise the others. This is what HongKongese rarely do because we have lost our history and cultural. There is defo a linkage with creativity and innovation. Otherwise we won't see the clone style everywhere in the street of HK. -strangejoanne

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