Tuesday, 8 March 2011

今夏開始色彩狂徒 殺你一個措手不及 The Black is just black Let's murder by the colours

香港fashion人們都毒愛黑色。當然黑色的好襯度爲10顆星星。但對於筆者這種不甘平凡寂寞的人,我會勇於嘗試不同的colour palette。特別由SS11開始這股迎面吹襲的彩虹潑墨誰也擋不過。


那怕你紅襯綠、黃配紫、甚至全身一個tone,也不會被説成色盲的fashionista。筆者對此感到興奮莫明。香港人會否就着這個大趨勢走上彩色的不歸路呢? -strangejoanne

Open your heart and welcome the colours since the spring summer to the fall winter this year.

HK fashionista all are in love with the balck. Black is always the black. Cool and easy to match but somehow boring. As a person who are fearless of trying new stuffs, I would go for a exggerated colour palette. Since the SS11, we have seen all different colours matching everywhere in every pieces and every collection. No1 can be an exception to avoid this.

I personally adore the colour of bloody red (my fav drink is bloody mary. LOL). I am also opened to all kinda red, such as scarlet, lipstick, russet and else. To match with my reds, I'd have gorgeous violet,today's outfit's mustard, new SS lover apple green. Let's leave the black as basic. This dressing way would defo bright up your fun and innovative days!

Never be afraid of the Green with Red or the Yellow mix violet, even a full set of tone on tone outfit. Cos u'll never be judged this year. I am totally excited ab it. Would HongKongese change their stubborn mind and go for the lovely colours? -strangejoanne

This the the colourful brand I look at and obcess with it even it's FW11.

Fall/Winter 2011 Jonathan Saunders

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