Wednesday, 9 March 2011

各種類牛仔是夏擋不過 Denim A must and never die


從ebay狠狠bid來一件牛仔恤,是淺色的,可是不夠淺,因爲不夠錢(Topshop也許有售淺牛,但budget以外,生活指數以上,原則之外)。於是跟同屋好友着手DIY,拿出大家不夠淺、未夠爛的牛仔玩弄一番。水+漂白水(tesco 的VALUE :P)再戴膠手套,一手把剪過的牛仔物體放進去,漂它好幾句鐘。那漂白水燻得一屋刺鼻,相信好友也不會忘記。另外,買回來的平價牛仔褲統統剪破掉,放到洗衣機,鬚鬚便應渾而生。


It has been how many seasons for the trend of denim? Seems like denim never die. Year09 was the reborn of denim.

I hardly bidded a denim shirt from ebay which is light but not enough as my ideal one that topshop may have but they are costy as new season item. You know, how budget I am. It's defo not my principle of buying an expensive one. So I decided to do DIY with my housemate. We both brought out our not -light-enough denim to play around. Water mixed with bleach(from tesco value :P). then place the items in the solution for couple of hours. Also, to destreded the cheap purchased jeans and put it in the washing machine. The fringe came out!

Today I m bk. There are nice denim everywhere. I can find the ideal denim effortlessly. Choose whatever you like. I still obcess with denim without putting too much effort on DIY.-strangejoanne

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