Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The EXACT life I used to Be, I still belive in

Rachel describes her look as "80s throwback. People always comment on my shoulder pads and big hair, although I don’t mean to look like I am from that decade or follow a certain style tag. I just wear what I like." In 2011 Rachel says the key elements of her style will be sheepskin, Chelsea boots and tassels.

Her look is defined by big hair, heavy eye make-up and her £1 pair of vintage men’s brogues. She can't live without eyeliner - "it makes you look wide awake after the later nights, an instant transformation" - and her favourite item in her wardrobe is her leather biker jacket - "it was my dad’s during the 70s punk era. It's ripped, frayed, scuffed, but it's a family heirloom."

Hot picksStyle icons/influences: Kate Bush, Alison Mosshart, Edie Sedgwick.

Stores: Charity shops - Scope and PDSA - and car boots.

Brands: Apple Mac and Grenson.

Favourite bands/musicians: Giggs, Bruce springsteen, Doctor P.


Magazines: NME, The Fly, Mojo

Inspirational artists: Alison Mosshart, Tracey Emin, Debbie Harry.

Things that would improve your life: If my student debt was paid, if oranges didn’t have pips in and bottled water was free.

Habits you’d like to lose: Daydreaming far too frequently, picking split ends, forgetting.

Events that you look forward to in 2011: Taking a road trip with friends when everyone returns from uni, warm weather and Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In your opinion do you have to have money to have style? No I don’t think you need money to have style. It is much more satisfying to find a piece of clothing in a charity shop or at a car boot sale, safe in the knowledge that when you go out no one will be wearing the same. Having more money would just allow me to have a more generic style, like buying a T-shirt from Urban Outfitters for £30, which loads of other people would own. Buying secondhand clothes allows me to own individual pieces.

Describe a typical day/weekend: Wake up, shower, dress, walk to lectures, walk back, have a nap if tired (regular occurrence), do work while being distracted by YouTube, sometimes got to the gym if I'm feeling energetic, if so shower again, be social and see flatmates etc, go for food in the refectory, come back, watch TV - really bad TV due to limited channels - stay up and talk with flatmates until like 2, every morning regretted, then bed.

Favourite hangouts by night: In Leeds - Faversham, Wire, Hi Fii. My kitchen.

Favourite hangouts by day: My kitchen, markets, charity shops.

Perfect night out: Pre drinks - friends come over or I go to friends', get ready to a good soundtrack, leave at like midnight, go to a few bars before the club, dance dance dance, leave like 4am, McDonalds or cheese on toast and tea at home, gossip, then bed.

Worst night out: No pre drink. Venturing to places you wouldn’t normally go to just to please other people. Then pretending to enjoy it, but failing to do so.


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